Some Frequently Asked Questions

Tranzaact Store

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  • What is a Tranzaact Store?

    A Tranzaact Store is a free online store where you can showcase and sell your products with a 100% assurance that your sales and payments are secured.

  • How can I add products to my Store?

    You can add products you sell by clicking on Manage Shop from the side menu when signed in. Click on Add under the category section to add a product category and then add products to each of the categories you create. Categories keep your Store organized by grouping similar products together, which can be easily accessed by filtering when your customers visit your Store.

  • How do I get the link to my Store?

    Creating a business requires that you set a username in order for your Biller Shop to be located on Red Biller. Hence, your Biller Shop link takes this format: To see an example, visit Tranzaact's official paint Store

  • What is a Payment Page?

    This is a page where your customers or clients can directly tranzaact with you. Instead of them searching for you, you can send them your Payment Page link so they can schedule your payments on the go! Visit your Dashboard or Settings to copy this link. The link however looks like this:

  • What happens if I change my username?

    We anticipated right from the onset that this might pose a challenge if after changing your username and your customers tries to reach you, since your Store and Payment Page both contains your username. That is why we decided to reserve your old username whenever you change it to something new. This means that irrespective of what you change it to, your customers will still be able to reach you with whatever link they have.

Tranzaaction Cards

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  • What is a Tranzaaction Card?

    A Tranzaaction Card is one that entails all the details of your tranzaaction, such as title, amount, number of installments, note, etc. and is sent to the beneficiary.
    In order for you to schedule a payment, you would need to create a Tranzaaction Card. This allows you to indicate how you intend to split the payment, set intervals in which payments are to mature, additional note an more.

  • Who is a tranzaactor?

    A tranzaactor is anyone who initiates a tranzaaction to a beneficiary.

  • How do I create a Tranzaaction Card?

    There are three ways:
    1. Simply search for the business you want to tranzaact with and click on the forward and backward arrow icon.
    2. You can also do this when you shop on a merchant's store and place an order.
    3. You can as well ask them for their payment page link.

  • Can I create a Tranzaaction Card without funding my wallet?

    No. You would need to fund your wallet with the equivalent amount you intend to schedule on the Tranzaaction Card.
    The tranzaaction however, immediately goes live if approved. Please note that Tranzaaction Cards can also be declined, which would mean all the money involved in the tranzaaction will be refunded to the tranzaactor.

  • Who approves payments?

    By default, the tranzaactor approves payments only if upon tranzaacting, they checked I alone approve payouts. Tranzaact reserves all rights for them to do so.
    However, if they unchecked I alone approve payouts, Tranzaact will automatically approve all payments once the specified dates reaches.

  • Can my customer cancel payments without my approval?

    No. For a tranzaactor to successfully cancel your payments, they would need to send you a Cancellation Request and state their reason(s) why they wish to cancel. You can either approve or decline.
    To resolve disputes, we strongly recommend dialoging with them via live chat.

  • What happens if I agree to the tranzaactor's request to cancel my payments?

    They will be responsible for refunding whatever money you paid as service charge, provided you offered to pay the service charge in parts or in full and that no money was earned from the tranzaaction. For example, if NGN 10,000 was involved in the tranzaaction, the tranzaactor will refund NGN 300 (service charge) to you and NGN 9,700 will be refunded to him. All of these happens in split seconds!

  • Is there a limit to my tranzaactions?

    Yes. Unverified businesses can only receive a maximum tranzaaction of NGN 300,000. However, this restriction is extended to NGN 10,000,000 for verified businesses alone.
    To verify your business, you would need to first verify your BVN from Account and then sign in to Tranzaact to upload a clear screenshot of your CAC Certificate on Tranzaact.

  • Are my tranzaactions secure?

    Yes. We take security very seriously. Our platforms are secured with SSL encryption and all card payments are processed and secured by our partners, a PCI-DSS compliant payment processor company, Flutterwave & Paystack .

  • Where are all pending payments stored?

    All pending payments are securely stored in the Tranzaact Strong Room (TSR), which has the ability to trace all pending payments back to its origin in case of a refund.

  • What if my customer refuses to approve my payments even after delivery?

    It takes just a "click of a button" to approve payments. Hence, please ensure your customer approves your payments before leaving the parcel with them.

  • How long do I have to wait to get credited when my customers approve my payments?

    Your wallet gets credited instantly upon their approval!

  • How long do I have to wait when I withdraw my money?

    10 seconds max, if not 3!

  • How do I market my Store?

    Tranzaact offers you a unique link in which your current and proposed customers can reach you on to make purchases. Thus, you'll be responsible for advertising your store via any media where your audience can be found, including your social media accounts.

  • How do I deliver my customers' orders?

    Tranzaact enables you to set your delivery fees for orders made both within and outside the state your business operates in, which will be added to your customers' bill. Hence, you're solely responsible for deliveries. We recommend that you carry along at least, two exact copies of each of your customers' order incase an item unexpectedly becomes defective. This is because we want you to close the deal upon delivery so your customers can approve your payments as expected.
    We however again, strongly recommend that you take full advantage of the Service Worker feature, as it was designed specifically for deliveries.

  • Who is a Service Worker?

    A Service Worker is someone, who when attached to a Tranzaaction Card, receives SMS notifications when your customers approves your payments. They could be your delivery man. The SMS comes with a link, which when clicked opens a secured web page on their device's browser, showing all key details of the tranzaaction, such as all installmental payments and their respective status.
    To add a Service Worker, you would need to click on Service Workers on the side menu when signed in, search for them and send them an invite (They must have a Jochebed Apps account). They would then need to approve your invitation before you can successfully attach them to a Tranzaaction Card.

  • Must my customers sign up before buying from me?

    Yes, and the reasons are simple:
    1. You need to know who's buying from you.
    2. Your customers needs to keep track of their order by chatting with you.
    3. Tranzaact needs to ensure your wallet gets credited when your customers approves your payments.

  • Can a beneficiary decline a tranzaaction?

    Yes, you can. However, you would be required to pay a convenience fee equivalent equivalent to the service charge involved in the tranzaaction.
    For example, if your customer pays you a sum of NGN 10,000, NGN 300 will be deducted from your wallet as convenience fee.

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