An e-commerce platform with a payment scheduler

Say goodbye to Pay on Delivery; seal your sales on Tranzaact
and make certain your payments.


Free store

The cost of running an e-commerce website has been lifted off your shoulders! Create a Tranzaact Store with your custom link and share it on your social media accounts to direct people to buy from you.

Live chat

Chat with your customers at realtime. Keep them up-to-date about their order or just about anything, perhaps they changed the delivery address. Information sharing is vital.

Payment page

Your customers get to reach you directly and schedule your payment. This is vital if you have no products to sell, but wish to accept payments from your customers or clients.

Tools for your business

We know the importance of getting paid.

Tranzaaction cards

It's an electronic card containing all the details of a tranzaaction, such as the title, amount, number of installment, etc.

Contact directory

Have a list of people and businesses you tranzaact with for future tranzaactions. You can as well wire them bank transfers.

Product categories

Create product categories and add products in them; include details, a picture of your product and perhaps discount.



Share links to your Store, such as product categories and products as well as your payment page.

Discount setup

Set discounts on your products to encourage more sales from your customers.

Service Workers

Your delivery men receive SMSs when your customers approve your payments, just before handing them the parcel.

Accept payment in installments

If you have very loyal customers whose trust you've already earned over time, they can choose to split your payments into installments and enable you to recieve the first installment when you approve their Tranzaaction Card. This can perhaps cover the expenses associated with delivery.

  • Maximum of 5 installments
  • Installments are split into percentages
  • Payment maturity dates are set

Deal only with serious customers

Whenever your customer places an order and schedules your payments, it simply means they're ready to do business with you. Unserious customers are too expensive to keep. With Tranzaact, as long as you deliver exactly what your customers ordered for, every sale is a success!

  • Payment is scheduled
  • Goods are delivered
  • Payment is approved
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Everything made whole

Billing types

Tranzaact lets you push the service charge payment to your customers, share it with them equally, pay it yourself or perhaps give them the power to choose themselves. Flexibility at its peak!

Delivery fees

Set how much it would cost you to deliver ordered items to your customers both within and outside the state your business operates in. This will be added to their bill when they place their order.

Multiple payment methods

Payment can be made securely either through your wallet or ATM card, bank transfer, QR Code, USSD and more which are processed and secured by Flutterwave or through your wallet.

Secure wallet

This is where all your earnings go and it's protected with a four-digit PIN only you should know. Activities involving your wallet is always require your four-digit PIN.

Bank transfers

Transfer money to any bank account right from your wallet. We let you verify the account number before hitting the send button, so the money gets to the intended beneficiary.


Add your bank accounts and withdraw your money at anytime and from any device. Your bank account will be credited almost instantly and you would recieve a bank alert from your bank.

Launch your own "Black Friday"

"Black Fridays" are all about giving out discounts. Tranzaact enables
you set discounts on all your products


Create a product category

Give your product category a name, perhaps "Black Friday" and ensure you check Hide this category from my Store, which you can uncheck once you're done adding your products.

Add products

Enter details, such as the name, amount, discount, description and upload a picture of your product. If you would like to apply equal discounts on all your products, simply edit your product category once you're done adding all products and enter a discount, and then check Apply discount.

Share product category link

Unhide and copy the link to the product category, and share it to your customers and on your social media accounts. Once the promo is over, hide the product category again. Simple!

Here's how to get started:

  • Sign up to set the ball rolling; we'll send two important emails to your mailbox.
  • Create a business: enter the name and username of your business. Your username is your unique identity!
  • Edit your business Settings, such as billing type, delivery fees, contact details and more.
  • Create product categories and add products; include details, a picture of your product and perhaps discount.
  • Copy your store link from your Dashboard or Setting and share it on your social media accounts.
  • Wait for orders from customers. We'll always send you an email whenever you receive a new order. So be at alert!


2%+ NGN 100
  • Capped NGN 2,500
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited orders

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